Nanna - the summer fairy


Beautiful Nanna got tattooed by Erik Reime - Kunsten på Kroppen, Copenhagen Denmark.

Article by Lars Krutak - Nordic Tattoo

Nordic Tattoo - featured by Lars Krutak

I´m very proud to share an article with you written by Lars Krutak - Tattoo Anthropologist about Nordic Tattoo, the book is a cooperation with Kai - Tattoo 
and myself Christina Henrich - Photographer.

No more words, read the review on Lars´ website: Link Nordic Tattoo

Midsummer ritual

I know that I hung
on a windy tree
nine long nights,
wounded with a spear,
dedicated to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree of which no man knows
from where its roots run

Edda,Hávamál: Odin describes his own sacrifice dedicated to himself hanging in the world-tree Yggdrasil.

Sources like gotlandic picture stones(see picture below) from the viking age show that the vikings had some kind of sacrificial rituals that included people got hanged in trees and got wounded by spears.
We brought that ancient sacrifice to a new life. We suspended people in a tree on midsummer which was a high ceremonial time in the viking age. Celebrating the longest day of the year is still common in the north.

Special thanks to all the people who made this outstanding project possible.
Special grateful thanks to the "hangmans"
With great help and support of: Muffe who did the suspension

                                                   Erik great viking appearance and playing mouth harp 
(unfortunately not to hear on the pictures ;-)
check out his jewelry, he´s making amazing viking jewelry

                                                    Kai shamanic leader of the ceremony

Happy Halloween with Jack the Ripper

I wish you all Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Here you can see Jack the Ripper working..... a professional scary bloody mess!

This photo shooting was taken last year during Halloween-time in Copenhagen.
The amazing idea for the Jack the Ripper shooting came by Hannah and Nils. They are deeply into that
beautiful steam punk thing with all the wonderful extraordinary costumes.

I loved that a lot!!!!!!

(If I remember right the couple won after the photo session the first price for the best costume
in Hard-Rock-Cafe)

Thank you again
                            Nils - for being the coolest Jack the Ripper
                            Hannah - for being a wonderful victim ( the blood fits you very well)
                            Mel - for doing the great make up especially the wonderful wound
Tattoo on Hannah´s leg by Kai Uwe Faust

Nordic Tattoo

Nordic Tattoo by Kai Uwe Faust
The book is a hardcover, has 192 pages, around 400 pictures, partly from Christina Henrich.

The book contains texts in danish, english and german and is published by Arun Verlag, you can order it already via my shop

Memories of Gudvangen

These Pictures where taken this summer in Gudvangen Norway. All tattoos by Kai-Uwe Faust

Gudvangen Norway - a shower in true viking style

Björn took a shower under a waterfall in beautiful Gudvangen.
It was a really good time there!!!!! Thank you all for the warm welcome and making us feel at home.
See you next year.


Saga is placed between the deer antlers like a deer goddess of the nomad tribes from the great plains in the east... and really her tattoo is a reconstruction of a tattoo on a Scythian Ice Mummy.
If you like to learn more about the tattoo background:

Tattoo by Kai

Corpse Paint & Suspension

This picture is now available as fine art print in poster size at my shop check it out!

These photos are taken last year in Copenhagen.
It was a lot of work beside the shootings - you can see it below "behind the scenes".
But the whole labor was absolutely worth it... The results are very unique and outstanding for me.
Thank you all again.

It was a co-production of:

Mel - very hard boiled model, had fun with the suspension.
Muffe - did all the piercing work and helped us in every way.
Kai - made the corpse paint on Mel
Christina(me) - took the pictures
Bjørn - helpful spirit in the background, without his catering we would be starved.

Corpse Paint & Suspension - Behind the scenes

Mel gets her corpse paint from Kai...


Muffe has finished his piercing-work. He has put the hooks in and now he is fixing the skulls...

We are now going to make the pulling shoot in the studio.


Preparation for the hanging shoot.

Three hooks in one knee.....grrmm


The ropes are fixed to the hooks....

 now it goes slowly up....

she´s lifted! Very quick last preparations...

 everyone was a bit excited and it had to go very fast...

 finally she´s hanging free!

...and it´s time for me doing my job.


Now Mel is back on earth....


 Muffe is doing the wound care...

a bit sewing work...
...and I had to check out the results

The suspension shooting was a very exciting thing to me and a new experience to see it so near and take part in the whole process! It is completely different to see a suspension show - Thank you Mel and Muffe for this private event and your whole work you have done to realize these photos.